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business writing skills training

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Essential for all staff that write emails, online messages, support responses, reports, letters, quotes, proposals and social media contributions.

Most customer service training courses tend to ignore written communication skills. Big mistake! Most customer service staff are hired for their verbal, not their written, communication skills. It’s easy for them to get the tone wrong in an email and getting it right in a letter can be very time-consuming. This variation on the ‘Brilliant Customer Service!’ theme concentrates on written communication, giving participants essential writing tools, skills and methods and helping them identify areas for improvement.

By the end of this  business writing skills workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Establish the standards and systems that can make every customer (whether internal or external) feel special when they receive the participants’ email or letter

  2. Recognise and meet the needs of the reader – in any format, including on-line

  3. Produce excellent letters and e-mails with much greater confidence

  4. Write in a natural, flowing manner, which is accessible to the reader

  5. Adapt the tone and style of writing to the circumstances

  6. Express the content more clearly, concisely and correctly

  7. Identify what information the customer needs and write with more empathy, putting themselves in the customers’ shoes

  8. Use simple, jargon-free English to communicate the information

  9. Plan letters and emails systematically and improve the layout, flow  and structure

  10. Produce letters and emails which are concise, create a positive impression and meets the customer’s needs

  11. Satisfy complainers, calm upset customers and regain confidence and goodwill

  12. Deal with complex or multi-stage problems more effectively

The sessions will include practice in applying particular skills, exercises in critical analysis, group and tutor review.

Participants are asked to send to the trainer before the course, and bring to the workshop, a selection of recent business documents. This is essential, as they will be needed for assignments during the workshop review sessions that are run regularly during the course. In this way, no matter what type of documents a participant produces, the course will be relevant and they will receive specific instruction and feedback.

This course works particularly well when participants bring examples of complaints (whether emails or letters) they have received and the responses they have sent. These can then be used in some of the practical exercise sessions.

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Business writing skills training from Brilliant Customer Service
Business writing skills training from Brilliant Customer Service

Example course outline – business writing skills training

With practical exercises and examples through – including real-life examples participants bring with them.

1 Introduction

  • Course objectives
    • To raise customer service and support standards
    • To instruct, equip and inspire participants to delight customers at every contact they have
  • Personal objectives – and introducing the ‘Learning diary’
  • Understanding who your customers are – by personality type
  • Where are we now? Review of examples of email and written communication from you and others in your organisation

2 Making every customer feel SPECIAL with email, IM and online

  • The SPECIAL model
    • Speed and time
    • Personal / personalise
    • Expectations – manage and exceed
    • Competence / courtesy
    • Information
    • Attitude
    • Long-term relationship and follow-through
  • Applying the SPECIAL qualities to your job
  • Qualities of customer service and support ‘superstars’
  • Practical exercises

3 Workshop I

  • Participants work in pairs to read sample letters and emails (theirs given and examples) and draft replies
  • The replies are then reviewed and improved in a larger group
  • Do the replies communicate ‘SPECIAL’?

4 Rules and standards for effective writing

  • George Orwell’s famous maxim
  • Why write? – clarifying your aim and objectives
  • Understanding what the customer is saying, what they really mean and what outcome or objective they are seeking
  • The seven-step method for better preparation
  • The three-stage process for writing well
  • Different types of response, content and structure – using the 80:20 rule to analyse and simplify your response
  • Grouping information for your reader
  • The ten most common mistakes when replying to emails or letters
  • The good, the bad, the ugly – real life experiences

5 Proof reading

  • The difference between proof-reading and editing
  • Proof-reading methods and strategies
  • Proof-reading marks and techniques
  • Training your eye for detail
  • Knowing what to look for

6 Effective editing

  • Grammar and English standards – avoiding cliché and getting your tone right
  • Words that create positive reactions
  • Sentences – units of thought that make sense and add value
  • Paragraphs and headings – structuring themes for easier understanding
  • Saying what you mean – active v passive language

7 Workshop II

  • Participants work in pairs to read sample difficult, contentious or possibly litigious letters and emails (theirs and given examples) and draft replies
  • These are then reviewed in a larger group and further imporved if possible
  • Do the replies communicate ‘SPECIAL’?

8 How’s your English?

  • Grammar quizzes and punctuation test
  • Spotting spelling errors
  • Rephrasing jargon and clichés
  • Common errors and mistakes

9 Pulling it all together

  • Review of individual learning points

Please just give us a call on 020 3289 7704 / 07515 851691 – we’re here to help!

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