Bespoke customer service skills e-learning and online training

Bespoke e-learning customer service and sales courses

All our live courses now include a full e-learning follow-up course. This means participants get the benefits of live training and on-line and mobile learning in one great package.

Brilliant Customer Service now combines the best of both styles of learning:

  • Easy to use multi-format e-learning website and app with video, podcasts, info pages, tests and quizzes.
  • Plus on-site or local, interactive live training workshops or open courses.
elearning on a smart phone app
elearning on a smart phone app

This form of ‘blended learning’ can reduce the time away from workplace or job and also has the potential for greater impact, usability and value.  Unlike traditional training, the training content can be viewed many times over in bite-size chunks. It includes short, to the point, videos, audios, quizzes and information pages.

An on-site workshop plus e-learning and smart phone app for a full year

E-learning online training features include

  • Unique learning content by experts.
  • Easy updates and bespoke content.
  • Customizied video clips, podcasts, slideshows, quizzes, top-tips, and information pages.
  • Free company branding, custom content and personalisation at no extra cost.
  • Includes customer survey and feedback function, easy to use and in real-time.
  • Users and managers can share and communicate with other app users.
  • Option to link to social media and websites.
  • Learning management and usage reports.

From £99 + vat per person including workshop and e-learning course with twelve months licence.

We can also provide a fully tailored customised training service too – get in touch for details.

e-learning customer service course