Telephone Skills Training

Brilliant Customer Telephone Skills Training

This practical course has a simple objective and purpose:  “To raise the telephone skills, techniques and ability of all participants.”

One-day in-house training course on telephone skills and techniques

Informative, practical and relevant. Proven content, experienced training consultant, very interactive.

FREE course personalisation and tailoring of learning activities – Suitable for all types of organisations and market sectors

This course will help you achieve to greater consistency, call control and customer service and support standards. After the training participants will be more skilled and deliberate in the telephone behaviours. The course includes extensive planning, practice and role-play sessions, as well as short informative, relevant and practical learning presentations, examples and discussions. Includes pre-course questionnaire, course workbook and follow-up e-learning summaries.

Technical Support and IT Help Desk Skills Training
Telephone skills training

Key telephone skills learning points

  • Connecting skills – Starting a call, gaining rapport, qualification and taking control
  • Perfecting your ‘telephone voice’ and projecting a positive vocal image.
  • Applying the SPECIAL model to telephone customer service.
  • Consulting skills – advanced questioning skills, echoing and active listening.
  • How to project empathy, confidence and enthusiasm on purpose
  • Pacing and leading skills on the telephone
  • Creating a prompt sheet to answer FAQ’s for greater consistency, efficiency and knowing when and how to use your own initiative.
  • How best to take and stay in control of difficult conversations on the telephone.
  • Convincing skills – how to gain agreement and convey information on the telephone.
  • How to manage complaints and prevent escalation
  • Telephone etiquette – do’s and don’t of professional telephone call handling
  • Understand and manage customer expectations accurately
  • How to read customer emotions on the telephone
  • Satisfy complainers, and calm upset customers and regain confidence and goodwill
  • Concluding skills – how to end each call professionally

Each of these points is related explicitly to the jobs the course participants.

Very cost-effective. Price per day for up to 12 delegates. Open (public) courses are run regularly.

Contains regular learning activities and practical sessions.

Advanced Telephone Skills Course Outline

One-day course. 09.30 to 16.30, up to 12 participants.

You provide the venue, we do everything else!

The course includes extensive planning, practice and role-play sessions, as well as short informative, relevant and practical learning presentations, examples and discussions. Includes pre-course questionnaire, course workbook and follow-up e-learning summaries.

Introduction to Brilliant Telephone Skills

  • Course overview, personal objectives and introductions.
  • Telephone call dynamics – how to structure and control a call.
  • Telephone voice dynamics – developing an effective voice tone.
  • The benefits and importance of good telephone skills – consistency and efficiency.

Practical sessions: Non-verbal communication, taking the perfect telephone message, real-life call assessments.

Call connecting skills

  • Perfecting a standard opening that works
  • Gaining rapport and connecting with customers.
  • How to quickly ‘tune in’ to different types of customers – specific phrases that work.
  • Using quick qualification questions to save time and impress customers.

Practical sessions: Call openings, QQQ planner, FAQ analysis

Consulting skills

  • Different types of question and how to ask more effective questions.
  • Active listening and drawing-out skills.
  • Leading with examples and high-impact questions.

Practical sessions: Practising questioning and listening skills, role-plays on real-life situations (questioning phase)

Convincing and explaining skills

  • Creating clarity and confidence through stating, summarising and restating.
  • Structuring information clearly and precisely when explaining things or presenting options; the KISS principle applied to telephone communication.
  • Managing expectations, presenting solutions clearly and linking actions with customer questions; giving reasons when requesting co-operation.
  • ‘Selling’ bad news and saying ‘no’ nicely – the “can’t do…can do” principle.

Practical sessions: FAQ Prompt planning, real-life role-plays.

Concluding a call

  • The best way to structure the ending of a telephone call and how best summarise information at the end of a call.
  • Signing off on positive note – key phrases to use.
  • Follow-through and follow up.

Practical sessions: Planning the call summary with practice session, final role-plays using the telephone communications assessment tool.

Dealing with customer dissatisfaction

  • The reasons customers complain and what to do when they do – the three F’s model.
  • Why complaints are really GREAT FUN! – a proven method of dealing with these situations using the telephone.
  • Ways to calm angry or demanding customers – words and phrases that work and things not to say or do.

Practical sessions: Problem solving activity

Brilliant telephone skills summary

  • Telephone skills best practice.
  • The SPECIAL model applied to the telephone.


  • Summary of key learning points
  • Action plans and learning diary
  • Keeping it going

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